Golf Courses Near New York


Bethpage Black pic

Bethpage Black

Susanne Lieu is the managing director of Ruben Companies in New York, New York, a position she has held the position since 2001. In her free time, Susanne Lieu enjoys playing golf.

For many, golf courses are not the first things that come to mind when considering New York City, but the Big Apple has its fair share of great courses and is a great destination for golfers.

The best of the courses is Bethpage Black, found in nearby Bethpage State Park. It was designed in 1936 and has hosted two US Opens and will be hosting the 2019 PGA Championship. Needless to say, it is a serious course for serious golfers, and the very first tee includes a warning that it is for highly skilled golfers.

Another great course option is the Neshanic Valley Golf Course, found an hour outside of Manhattan. The course is set among beautiful farmland and includes three sets of nine holes. Be forewarned, non-residents are allowed to book only one week in advance and spots can be hard to find, but the course is worth the extra effort.

A third course, about 70 minutes outside of the city, Pound Ridge is a notoriously difficult course designed by Pete Dye. The level of difficulty can be challenging and fun, and the course is set among the beautiful Westchester Woods.


New York City Golf Courses

Pelham Split Rock pic

Pelham Split Rock

Working for Ruben Companies in New York, Susanne Lieu oversees several aspects of real estate development and property management. Outside of her work, Susanne Lieu is an avid golfer living in New York City.

A city as big and busy as New York might not seem like a place where you would find the beauty and tranquility of a great golf course, but the city has several courses that suit golfers of a variety of levels.

Pelham/Split Rock golf course located in The Bronx is the only 36-hole course in the city. It was renovated in 2009 and is known for having several tough holes and a “links style,” meaning it is more open and has fewer obstructions, but plays long.

The Bronx is also home to the oldest public golf course in the nation, the Van Cortlandt Park Golf Course. The course is often hilly and challenging, with severe elevation changes on the back nine.

Brooklyn is home to the Dyker Beach Golf Course, which opened in the 1890s. The facility is a good place to take kids, as it has a six-hole course for children who are just starting to learn the game.

Clearview Park Golf Course in Queens recently underwent several renovations to improve the condition of the course. The views are said to be fantastic, which might be a big reason why this course is the busiest in the city.

Leading Golf Courses around New York City

An accomplished real estate executive, Susanne Lieu has led as managing director of Reuben Companies since 2001. Susanne Lieu lives in New York City and enjoys playing golf in her free time.

While some may not immediately connect the big city with great golfing, the New York City area offers easy access to many high-profile courses. In the Bronx, the United States’ oldest public golf course draws many of the city’s most prominent citizens. Celebrities such as Babe Ruth and Andrew Giuliani have walked the greens of this course, which is known as the Van Courtlandt Golf Course officially but as “Vanny” to its friends.

Nearby, the Split Rock Golf Course joins Pelhma Bay to create the only 36-hole golf facility in the city. Known for its challenging shots, it attracts golfers who enjoy the calculating nature of the game. The Dunwoodie Golf Course of Yonkers offers challenging elevation changes, while those willing to journey to New Jersey can find a newer gem at Crystal Springs of Sussex County. There, a variety of themed courses give golfers a unique experience.