Qualifying for the WX Scholarship Program

WX New York Women Executives in Real Estate Image: wxnyre.org

WX New York Women Executives in Real Estate
Image: wxnyre.org


An accounting graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, Susanne Lieu is an experienced business executive who serves as the managing director of real estate and property management firm Ruben Companies in New York City. In recognition of her achievements in the real estate sector, Susanne Lieu has been invited to become a member of WX, a New York-based association of executive-level women in the commercial real estate industry.

Founded to promote the advancement of women in the industry, WX provides opportunities for women to receive more recognition for their professional achievements. The association also works to usher in a new generation of women in the field, through an active scholarship program.

Since its inception in 2004, the WX Scholarship Program has benefited nearly 200 women and awarded more than $800,000 in the process. The scholarship accepts a limited number of applicants each year and grants scholarships in amounts that can reach up to $10,000 depending on demonstrated financial need.

To qualify for a scholarship award, the applicant must be in her last year of studies in real estate and must meet the following criteria: excellent academic performance, demonstrated interest in real estate, and a high likelihood to work in New York City after graduation.