WX – Providing Mentoring for New York Women in Real Estate

WX New York Women Executives in Real Estate Image: wxnyre.org

WX New York Women Executives in Real Estate
Image: wxnyre.org

As managing director of Ruben Companies, Susanne Lieu provides asset management services to a New York based company that owns and operates apartments and commercial office buildings across the East Coast. Susanne Lieu is active in her professional community and participates in the invitation-only association WX New York Women Executives in Real Estate.

One of the core focuses of WX, beyond professional networking, is a mentoring program that pairs young women with leaders in diverse areas of the real estate sphere. The program is open to all recipients of scholarships administered through the WX Charitable Fund, Ltd.

The mentoring initiative was launched in 2014 through a cooking class that provided mentee-mentor pairs with an informal setting for team-building. This was followed by a panel that explored a host of real estate industry issues, such as negotiating job offers and employment contract terms. Another topic centered on appropriate compensation for women maintaining flexible and part-time schedules, as well those returning to the workforce following an extended absence for raising children.

As the WX mentoring program progressed, participants took part in activities that helped them build a professional image and proactively engage in personal branding. The last event of that year’s program brought participants together for an afternoon out at the driving range at Chelsea Piers Golf Club.


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