A Basic Introduction to Playing Skins

Playing Skins pic

Playing Skins
Image: golf.about.com

Susanne Lieu has served as managing director with Ruben Companies in New York City for more than 15 years. Away from work, Susanne Lieu likes to stay active by playing golf.

Individuals can enhance their experience on the golf course by engaging in one of the many popular course games, such as skins. There are a number of variations on this game, though the basic concept remains the same. Skins emulates a match-play format that is best contested by at least three players. The objective of the game is to achieve the lowest score on each hole to win the corresponding point, or skin, and to ultimately accumulate the most skins over a predetermined number of holes.

Should two or more players tie for the lowest score on a hole, the skin rolls over to the next hole, which doubles in value. Players can theoretically tie again and again, raising the value of a single hole to five or more skins. When applying handicaps during a game of skins, players generally base their own off the lowest player’s handicap, with that golfer playing the course with no handicap and the other golfers adjusting accordingly.


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