Leading Golf Courses around New York City

An accomplished real estate executive, Susanne Lieu has led as managing director of Reuben Companies since 2001. Susanne Lieu lives in New York City and enjoys playing golf in her free time.

While some may not immediately connect the big city with great golfing, the New York City area offers easy access to many high-profile courses. In the Bronx, the United States’ oldest public golf course draws many of the city’s most prominent citizens. Celebrities such as Babe Ruth and Andrew Giuliani have walked the greens of this course, which is known as the Van Courtlandt Golf Course officially but as “Vanny” to its friends.

Nearby, the Split Rock Golf Course joins Pelhma Bay to create the only 36-hole golf facility in the city. Known for its challenging shots, it attracts golfers who enjoy the calculating nature of the game. The Dunwoodie Golf Course of Yonkers offers challenging elevation changes, while those willing to journey to New Jersey can find a newer gem at Crystal Springs of Sussex County. There, a variety of themed courses give golfers a unique experience.


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