Scholarship and Mentoring through the WX Organization

As managing director of Ruben Companies in New York City, Susanne Lieu draws on more than 16 years of industry experience. Susanne Lieu shares and expands on her expertise as a member of WX, New York Women Executives in Real Estate.

A professional organization for women in the real estate industry, WX builds its membership by invitation only. The resultant elite group of executives pursues a commitment to helping women enter and excel in the real estate profession. In keeping with this goal, WX grants scholarships to female students of real estate in undergraduate and graduate programs. The organization selects scholarship recipients who want to work in New York City based on their involvement in real estate-related activities and based on academic accomplishments and financial need.

WX also supports students and young professionals through its Mentoring, Conversations, and Perspectives programs. The WX Mentoring program connects new female real estate practitioners with existing members who share their industry experience and stories of success. Young professionals may also participate in WX’s annual Perspectives meeting, where members and junior colleagues discuss relevant trends in New York real estate. Similarly, the organization’s Conversations panel program encourages discussion on a variety of topics that interest individual participants.


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